A Girl Named Genny


Since 2016, A Girl Named Genny has graced the many bars and living rooms of Rochester, NY. Invited or not, we always made sure to proudly sing our songs, play our instruments a little too loud, and encourage a few too many shots of whiskey for all. 

Folk. Americana. Bluegrass. Roots. Whatever bubble we might be in, we are continuing to grow and learn. In May of 2018, we released our first full length album. In October of 2018, we set out on our first tour, selling out cities we never thought possible. In 2019, we want to travel further, create more music, and continue to meet more wonderful people.  

We all have big dreams. Mike Wall to run for president in 2020. Zac to be reincarnated as Frank Zappa. Ray to be able to play in time to a click track. Dylan will never again have to eat eggs. 

We just hope you enjoy the music, have a good time, and not get too hung over. We are A Girl Named Genny. 



Mike Wall